This is where the work goes. The writing you see here has appeared in Elle, The Guardian, New York Magazine (The Cut), The Atlantic, Matter, The Washington Post, NPR, Hazlitt, VICE, Pacific Standard, The New Republic, The LA Review of Books, Buzzfeed, The New Inquiry, and more that you’ll just have to keep scrolling to see!

The Essentials

“Against Chill,” Matter, April 2015

“The Dentist Story”, NPR, April 2015

“Theological Scars,” Hazlitt, November 2015

“Ten Breakfasts With Men I’ve Known,” Extra Crispy, June 2016

“You’re Right, I Didn’t Eat That,” The New Inquiry, May 2014

“The Absolute Necessity of One Direction,” Racked, July 2015

“Songs I Mourned Men To,” Brooklyn Magazine, January 2016

“Being Winona in a World Made for Gwyneths,” BuzzFeed, January 2015

“Broken Links,” Aeon Magazine, September 2015

“Digital Darkness: When We Can’t Turn Away From Death Online,” Pacific Standard, December 2014


Culture (High, Low, & Middle Brow)

“Jesus Christ And Super Stars: How The Holy Rolled Mainstream in Pop Music,” Religion Dispatches, August 2016

“The Loneliest Job in Cinema:On Film’s Friendless Female Sex Workers,” Hazlitt, August 2016

Ask Polly’s Heather Havrilesky: ‘I feel connected to the people who write to me,'” The Guardian, July 2016

“Beavis Was The Wokest Bae,” Mel, July 2016

“Adrian Grenier Will Gladly Serve Our Octopi Overlords,” Elle, June 2016

“Climbing Mount Sontag,” Hazlitt, April 2016

Heroin Clique: On Trainspotting, Twenty Years Later,” Hazlitt, March 2016

“Molly Crabapple is the Writer Who Made Me a Writer,” BuzzFeed, December 2015

“This Is Amber Rose’s World and We’re Lucky To Be Living In It,” BuzzFeed, October 2015

“A-List in Our Hearts: How Kim Kardashian finally gained our respect,” The Guardian, September 2015

“I’m 30 Years Old and I Cried At My First One Direction Concert,” NTRSCTN, August 2015

“Your Imaginary Relationship With a Celebrity,” Pacific Standard, April 2015

“How Benedict Cumberbatch Became Everyone’s Imaginary Boyfriend,” Nerve, January 2014

Relationships, Sex, Etc.

For the complete archive of my love, sex, and dating column, “Getting It,” at The Cut at New York Magazine, click here.

“The Rules Of Rebounding: Is Taylor Swift Shaking Off Heartbreak As Her Brand?,” The Guardian, June 2016

“The Clique Imaginary,” The New Inquiry, May 2016

“Ghosting on Freud: Why breaking up with a therapist is so tricky,” The Guardian, May 2016

“A Path to the Ocean,” Brooklyn Magazine, April 2016

“Why You’re Wrong To Hate Valentine’s Day,” The Guardian, February 2016

“In defense of gossip: no better way to navigate life’s flawed relationships,” The Guardian, December 2015

“A woman’s right to say ‘meh’: being sex positive won’t guarantee you an orgasm,” The Guardian, October 2015

“It’s OK to Hate Being Single,” Pacific Standard, October 2015

“Advice from an accidental virgin: how to survive freshman year debauchery,”  The Guardian, September 2015

“Vanity Fair Doesn’t Understand What’s Going On With Dating Or Tinder,” Pacific Standard, August 2015

“Men Need Friends,” Pacific Standard, August 2015

“The Dickonomics of Tinder,” Matter, April 2015

“Porn Is Not Coming For Our Sex Lives,” Pacific Standard, April 2015

“How to Date Casually Without Hurting Anyone,” Deadspin, April 2015

“How To Talk To Your New Girlfriend About Your Ex,” Deadspin, March 2015

“What Hating Valentine’s Day Really Means,” BuzzFeed, February 2015



“What Happened When I Finally Made Money,” Elle, May 2016

“Showtime Saints,” Brooklyn Magazine, February 2016

“Why The Future of Work Is At Home,” Pacific Standard, February, 2016

“The Monetized Man,” Matter, September 2015

“Letters to a Young Sugar Baby,” The New Inquiry, August 2015

“Emotional Labor: When the delivery guy becomes your therapist,” Fusion, August 2015

“The Cult of Work,” Hazlitt, July 2015

“Hot Girls Hot Takes on Hot Girls Wanted,” Matter, June 2015

“Why Most Men Think They’re Over-working as Parents When Quantitatively, That Isn’t True,” Pacific Standard, June 2015

“A&E Completely Misunderstands the Reality of Sex Workers,” The New Republic, April 2015

“Sex Workers Don’t Owe You Any Answers,” Pacific Standard, May 2015

“Transforming White People Is Not The Job of Minority Students,” Pacific Standard, April 2015

“Why is there an ongoing feud between strippers and pole dancers?”, The Daily Dot, April 2015

“Seeking Arrangements: An Interview With Parinda Wanitwat,” The Hairpin, December 2014

“The 30,000 Word Job Application,” Pacific Standard, November 2014

” Keeping Workers Quiet,” Jacobin, November 2014

“You Can Find Capitalism in Da Club,” The Baffler, September 2014

“Hide the Husbands: Prostitution’s on the Interwebs,” The Baffler, August 2014

“The Party’s Girls And Party Girls: Negotiating Beauty in the Soviet Union,”  The New Inquiry, July 2014

“Cutting Off Sex Work Advertising Disrupts Communities, Not Trafficking,” Truth Out, July 2014

Mortality & Body

“The Spirit Is Holding You,” Pacific Standard, June 2016

“Why Is Scaring People So Much Fun?,” Pacific Standard, October 2015

“Should Humans Really Go to Mars?,” Pacific Standard, September 2015

“I’m Waiting for Permission to Describe My Body,” Buzzfeed, February 2015

“The Fictional Suicidal Girls I Loved But Had to Let Go, “ BuzzFeed, December 2014

“The Broken Bodied Girls,” The LA Review of Books, December 2014

“Hide Your Smiling Faces and the Ownership of Public Deaths,” The LA Review of Books, November 2014

“The Circumference of Despair,” The Toast, November 2014

“Can A Wrong Number Save Your Life,” CBC Radio’s “Live Through This’, July 2014

“Women’s Troubles”

“Best of My Haters 2015,” Medium, December 2015

“Subject: Welcome to GMale!”, Matter, December 2015

“Women Don’t Need to Have Periods,” The Atlantic, September 2015

“How Men’s Emotions Are Preventing Gender Equality at Work,” Pacific Standard, August 2015

“Amphetamine of the Year,” Vice-Motherboard, July 2015

“When the Press Puts Private Decisions About Pregnancy and Parenting Up for Debate, Women Lose,” Pacific Standard, June 2015

“I love my career, and I can’t wait to give it up to have a family,” Quartz, May 2015

“How Trolls Chip Away at Women,” The Daily Dot, May 2015

“Notes From a Future Shitbag Mother,” The Hairpin, September 2014

“Accused Rapist Have Plenty of Champions, Media Need Not Be One of Them,” Truth Out, June 2014

“Shaming Sexism Isn’t Prudery”, The Baffler, April 2014


“Take what you need and leave the rest: Why atheists love Pope Francis,” The Guardian, September 2015

“The White Protestant Roots of American Racism,” The New Republic, May 2015

“How to Take Christ Out of Christianity,” The Washington Post, May 2015

“As Long as There’s Fear, We Aren’t Ready for Atheism: A Conversation With Theologian & Ex-Priest Daniel Maguire,” Religion Dispatches, January 2015

“Where the Sick Go to Become Well,” Dame Magazine, October 2014

“James Foley Prayed, But He Was Not a Martyr,” Religion Dispatches, August 2014

“For Love or Threat: Pro-Life Prayer Includes Names, Photos of Abortion-Rights Advocates,” Religion Dispatches March 2014

“Religious Belief= Mental Illness, A More Venomous Response,” Religion Dispatches, February 2014

“Want to Know How 84% of the World Sees Itself: Study Theology,”  Religion Dispatches, November 2013

Digital Culture

“Smart Toys & The Endangered Solitude of Childhood,” Model View Culture, July 2015

“When Online Friendships Are More Honest Than Offline Ones,” Pacific Standard, May 2015

“The Rise of the Benevolent Data Pillage,” The Baffler, September 2014

“Are people stealing your Facebook photos?”, The Daily Dot, May 2015

“How the SAVE Act Will Turn Digital Platforms Into An Arm of the Law,” The Daily Dot, September 2014

Brands, Style, Consumption

“Stop Telling Me To Throw Out My Clothes,” Elle, June 2016

“How Online Fashion Copy Found Its Voice,” Racked, June 2016

“The Life and Times of My Doc Martens,” Racked, February 2016

“Confessions of a Prada Virgin,” Racked, December 2015

“We Should Use Brands, Not Love Them,” Pacific Standard, May 2015

“The Last Days of Abercrombie and Fitch,” The Baffler, May 2014

“Higher Ed Pays a High Price for Mediocrity,” The Baffler, June 2014

4 thoughts

  1. I’m writing in response to your article, “Theological Scars”. I can relate to the struggle you describe. I went through something very similar, but have come back full circle. I won’t tire you with the details, since this journey is one you have to take for yourself, and I recognize that you’ve been inundated with shallow quips of faith in the past. But I encourage you to stay on the journey. Keep wrestling with God, even the God you say you don’t believe in. Ask him your questions and demand an answer for them. Test him. What have you got to lose? I suggest you have everything to gain. It has been my experience that He might just blow you away with the answer.

    If you care to discuss further, I’m available.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for your voice in regards to erotic dancers/entertainers, particularly in your article about the “War Between Pole Dancing and Strippers.” I’ve recently been moved to social action in hopes to reduce the amount of stigma and prejudice held against women in the industry, and your article was a welcome affirmation of why this kind of thought is necessary. I hope to read more from you soon. 🙂

  3. I just spent half my workday reading a significant portion of your portfolio and I couldn’t be happier for having done so. thank you haha

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