Below are links to profiles, interviews, and other media I’ve appeared in.

Profiles & Interviews

“Alana Massey, Writer: Young Writers Should Know the Industry Is Not Dead,” Forbes, February 2016

“Alana Massey’s journey to being taken seriously,”  The Columbia Journalism Review, January 2016

“Tell Me About It, Alana Massey,” an interview with Sara Black McCullough, January 2016

“An Interview With Alana Massey,” The Awl, September 2015

Media Appearances

“Why Are People Into That? Sexting,” Podcast with Tina Horn, May 2016

“What Would a Feminist Do Podcast: On our periods,” The Guardian, April 216

“Are Personal Essays Dangerous For Freelancers?”, The Freelancer, April 2016

“How Freshmen Can Survive First Year Debauchery,” Huffpost Live, September 2015

“The First-Person Industrial Complex,” Slate, September 2015

“8 Minutes,” On the Media, May 2015

“Tiger Photos Roam Wild on Online Dating Sites,” The Wall Street Journal, May 2014

“OkCupid Body Type Filter Pay Option Rankles Daters,” Good Morning America, October 2013