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3 thoughts

  1. Fabulous essays. You are an amazing writer in both substance and style. I don’t agree with everything you say, but I always, always come away from your work reflecting deeply. Thank you, and I hope you find happiness.

  2. I just read your piece in Elle, ‘what happened when I finally made money’, and felt compelled to thank you. I read dozens of articles on a weekly basis but this was the first time an article hit so close to home or better yet, like an upper cut to the jaw from the reigning heavyweight champion of the world. It was poignant, clear and resonated with everything happening in my own life. As I stare at 6 figure student debt from business school and the ever increasing minimum payments on my credits cards, I take solace in an almost certain job offer that will triple my income. It will feel good to finally pay off credit cards and not worry about paying the mortgage (did I mention I own a home as well haha). It will also feel good not to budget accordingly so that there isn’t too much month left at the end of my money.

    Thank you for echoing sentiments I’ve long harbored after quitting a promising music career in exchange for a job in finance. “money is a means and not an end, but at no point acknowledging that we require the means if we ever want to make ends meet.”

    Looking forward to more brilliant writing.

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