So it is NOT infrequently that I feel like a terrible swamp baby for having the career I do, writing sometimes incendiary and exhibitionist things on the internet while I still have living parents. Bless their hearts, they still think I hung the moon. BUT, I always get a suspicion that their friends and my grandparents don’t fully understand that I actually make my entire living as  a writer because they aren’t as familiar with freelancing and think you’re either smokin’ cigs over a typewriter at The New York Times or you’re NOBODY. Well, lo and behold, the tables have turned.

readers digest mentionThere on the left corner of a page in READER’S DIGEST, I am quoted on the same page as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Reza Aslan who wrote an interesting but academically ‘meh’ book about Jesus but got yelled at about it on Fox News so is famous, and ROSEANNE who was cool on TV but is maybe a monster on Twitter? Willie Nelson is on the opposite page, probably high as fuck.

Reader’s Digest is where grown-ups go to know what’s hot and cool and relevant. And well, that’s me motherfuckers. That’s me and my clickety clacking on the internet until this book I’m writing comes out. Buy it, its made of paper and feelings and fame!

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